Dr. Kingsley Donkor

Dr. Kingsley Donkor obtained his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Alberta. Since 2000, Dr. Donkor has been teaching at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) where he is currently a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Donkor’s research program focuses on developing analytical methods using a variety of tools in support of real-world systems in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental sectors. Within this research program he has developed techniques for solving practical analytical problems using a variety of tools including capillary electrophoresis (CE) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS), Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) and NMR Spectroscopy, and elemental analysis by atomic absorption. Dr. Donkor has been a recipient of numerous grants including NSERC Discovery Grant, NSERC Engage grants, Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and Western Economic Diversification (WED) fund. Currently, Dr. Donkor holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, the first NSERC- CRD grant to be received at TRU, and a co-holder of MITACS Accelerate grant for his work in environmental, food, and industrial analytical chemistry. He has served as a reviewer for over 20 scientific journals and NSERC applications, and he is the Director for the BC Interior Section of the Canadian Society of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy.


• Fundamentals of Chemistry (CHEM 1520)
• Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (CHEM 2250)
• Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 2250)
• Introductory Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 2100)
• Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 3100)
• Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (CHEM 3120)
• Method Development and Applications in Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 3140)
• Directed Studies in Chemistry (CHEM 4480)
• Selected Topics in Applied Chemistry (CHEM 4600)
• Advanced Topics in Physical Sciences (ENVS 5030)


TRU Research Training Recognition Fund award, 2022-2023
Thompson Rivers University President’s Distinguished Scholar Award, 2021
Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, 2020
Outstanding Reviewer, (Fuel, 2017; Talanta, 2017; J. Chrom. B, 2018)
Thompson Rivers University Master Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, 2012
Kamloops Daily News Readers’ Choice Award, (2nd Place), Best Post-Secondary Teacher, 2012
Thompson Rivers University Excellence in Scholarship Award, 2011-2012
Leaders Opportunity Fund Award, Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2010
Leonard E. Gads Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistantship Duties, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, 1988 – 1989



2022 – 2023NSERC Discovery Grant (Extension)
2021 – 2022TRU Research Training Recognition Fund
2020 – 2021NSERC Alliance Grant
(Shared with Drs. Church and Urban)
2020 – 2021MITACS Accelerate Grant
(Shared with Drs. Church and Urban)
2020 – 2021TRU Internal Research Fund
2020Microsoft Azure Grant
(Shared with Drs. Yan Yan and Church)
2020Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) – J.R. Evans Leaders Fund
(Shared with Drs. Fraser, Van Wagoner, and Cheeptham)
2020British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund
(Shared with Drs. Fraser, Van Wagoner, and Cheeptham)
2018 – 2021NSERC CRD Grant
2018 – 2020MITACS Accelerate Grant
(Shared with Drs. Gosselin and Heise)
2018NSERC Engage Plus Grant
2017 – 2022NSERC Discovery Grant
2017 – 2020TRU Research Training Recognition Fund
2017NSERC Engage Grant
2016 – 2017TRU Internal Research Fund
2016 – 2017NSERC Discovery Grant
2015NSERC Engage Grant
2014 – 2015TRU Internal Research Fund
2014BC First Nations Environment Contaminants Grant
(Shared with Mark Diffin)
2014TRU DG Reapplication Support Grant
2013 – 2014TRU Internal Research Fund
2013TRU DG Reapplication Support Grant
2013NSERC Engage Grant
2012 – 2014Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC
(Shared with Drs. Church & Cinel)
2011NSERC Engage Grant
2010 – 2011Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
Leaders Opportunity Fund
2010 – 2011BC Knowledge Development Grant (BCKDF)
2008 – 2011NSERC Discovery Grant
2008BC First Nations Environment Contaminants Grant
(Shared with Mark Diffin)